Age of Sigmar Rules

Army Selection: Select an army worth a maximum value of 2,000 Points using the rules and restrictions provided in the Pitched Battle section from General’s Handbook.

Only Warscrolls and Warscroll Battalions with Pitched Battle Profiles may be used at The Las Vegas Open Grand Tournament, see pages 128-152 of the Generals Handbook for details.

Note that Allegiance Abilities can and should be used.

The Grand Tournament House Rules:

·         At this tournament, we will measure all distances between models using their bases as a reference point. This is commonly known as measuring “base-to-base”.

·         Any Forge World Warscroll or Warscroll Battalion with a Pitched Battle profile is fine to use at this event.


Having a fully painted army is not required for this event.  Although if you don’t at least have a 3 color minimum army you won’t be eligible to win any awards.


Saturday, August 3rd

8:00-8:20 – Registration
8:30-11:30 – Game 1 (3 hrs)
11:30-12:30 – Lunch Break (1hr)
12:30-3:30 – Game 2 (3 hrs)
3:30-3:45 – Coffee/Snack break (15min)
3:45-6:45 – Game 3 (3 hrs)

Sunday, August 4th

8:30-11:30 – Game 4 (3 hrs)
11:30-12:30 – Lunch Break (1hr)
12:30-3:30 – Game 5 (3 hrs)
3:30-4:00 – Clean Up/Tallying Results
4:00 – Results

Games, Battleplans, Scores and Timings:


Over the course of the weekend, you will get to play five games of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, with armies chosen using the rules and restrictions laid out in the Pitched Battles section of the Generals Handbook. After each game there will be either lunch or a brief break while we get the results in order to decide your next opponent.

After the first game, where opponents will be randomly allocated, we will assign you opponents with a similar score according to the ‘Swiss’ system.

The way this works is players with the same number of Major and Minor Victories will play against each other. So if you are winning all your games, you will play against opponents of a roughly similar skill level to you, ideally helping to ensure an enjoyable event for all concerned.


Each game will last three hours. As we need to get your results after each, we will need you to finish each game quite quickly and hand in your results after the timer runs out.

The size of the game has been set up so that both players should be able to set up and play your game comfortably in the time allotted. We’d recommend having some practice games against your mates to get used to it!

If you discover from practice that you play really slowly and can’t get your game finished to a satisfying conclusion, then bear in mind that this makes it less likely that you will pick up any Favourite Game Votes, so you are unlikely to win anything, so do your best to pick up the pace!


Before each game, we will roll a D6 to decide which Battleplan to use for that game, everyone will use the same battleplan. As there are five games over the weekend, you will play all but one, but in a random order.

Once that Battleplan has been used, it will be crossed off our list; each one will only be played a maximum of once.


After each game you will have 5 minutes to record your result and hand it in to the Events Team. At this event, we will be recording Major and Minor Victories, and this will be the largest factor in deciding who is crowned the Grand Champion and winner of the event.

In the unlikely event that both players have the same score, record this as a draw.

You will also need to record the number of points scored in each game. This will be used a soft score to help resolve tied results, after Favourite Game Votes.

Best Army Votes:

During lunch on the first day we’ll ask you to look around and vote for your favourite 3 armies in order. Your first place vote will get 5 points, your 2nd place 3 points and your 3rd place 1 point.

Favourite Game Votes:

After your last game we will ask you to rank the top 3 players you played over the weekend.  Your first place vote will get 5 points, your 2nd place 3 points and your 3rd place 1 point.


No player can win more than one award, in the event a player is eligible for more than one award the order presented here will determine which award they win.  In which case the other award will be given to the 2nd place player.

Best General – A cumulation of all battle points
Best Sportsman – A cumulation of sports votes
Favorite Army – A accumulation of favorite army votes


Your Army
Tape Measure, Dice, Game Aids, etc.
Objective markers. We will provide some of these, but best to be prepared and have some of your own!
7 typed copies of your army list. Be sure to note what your faction is on your army list.
All pertinent rules for your army.