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Cascadia Championships!

TSHFT (The Seattle Heart of Fire Tournament) has now officially made the move over to being the Cascadia Championships! It will be the same team you’ve gotten accustomed to the last few years but a new brand that hopefully is less confusing to some. We are looking forward to planning next year’s event! See you there!

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TSHFT 2019 Aug 3-4th, 2019

We have a date for TSHFT! Aug 3-4th. At the Red Lion Hotel Bellevue.

You’ll notice our ticket prices have changed. We will not be including lunch in our ticket prices this year. We have extended the lunch break and encourage everyone to visit the excellent restaurant on site. We appreciate your understanding!

Book your hotel here:

We’ll have 80 spots for 40k and 40 for Age of Sigmar! Tickets for 40k are already selling fast, get your tickets soon!